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Our Consulting services accommodate all aspects of your business. From management and employee morale to activation and media buying, we analyze the opportunity, design a detailed attack plan, and implement the necessary changes to make you a successful competitor in any industry.  

Our Branding team will take your business to the next level with customer data analysis, community involvement, and social media management. Not only will you rise above your competitors, but you will be viewed as the single solution to their needs.

Our Marketing professionals are highly trained and boast years of experience in media purchasing and placement. We will determine, through carefully mined data, the perfect target market for your business and engage them consistently through a variety of mediums.  


Make It Happen is an improvement consulting firm based in Gainesville, FL that services clients all over the world in a variety of industries, including QSR, automotive, and professional sports.


With 20+ years of management experience, and a particular expertise in activation management, we have a proven track record of increasing sales and bolstering community image.


Our small, boutique team analyzes every aspect of your business and develops a unique branding and improvement strategy. We offer the entire package and work tirelessly to maximize the success of your business.


We simply Make It Happen! 

About Us


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 140911

Gainesville, FL 32614

Office Address:

1900 SW 34th St, Ste 206

Gainesville, FL 32608

(2nd floor of Campus USA)

Hours:      9:30am - 5:30pm

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